Will be anybody else sick above the bailout? I'm unwell to my ab over it. It truly is just unbelievable. I can't believe how Paulson gets the nerve to want a trillion fucking dollars to make to the particularly scumbags who induced this credit crisis from the start! I can't seem sensible of it. There're thieves, but in excess of that, they're taking your money out of this pockets while most of us watch them apply it. I say allow banks fail. Many people made bad personal loans? Tough shit. I don't wanna shell out the dough. I can't even afford a residence myself, let alone pay for lots of fuckups on Selection St. Democrats will approve that then some they need another stimulous schedule and bailout connected with credt card credit card bills, etc. Its amazing. Bush and buddies are classified as the ones who have the plan they provided for the congress about Friday. They are the ones who wish to include CC financial debt, car loans, and stuff like that. Quit listening so that you can Rush. they areinside the same, statists plutocrats.. they disagree on stuffs that do not make a difference to monetary plan.. The FED would be the problem, the undeniable fact that they lend us our money at curiosity. The FED will be owned by representative banks. Why do we've got to borrow from some sort of bank to bail released the banks??? The FED is going to destroy the dollar these times. In the early thirties we were looking at merely preparing the war machine - an underemployed labor force to conquer the mode clip art funny clip art funny rn world... well they concluded I think here that they cannot do it leading down, so they may be cashing out. They've ridden us for everyone we're worth.

EDD hearings So what passes by at a EDD case? I have my first during a disputed UI promise, what are they travelling to ask, what shoudl I be prepared for? Be prepared! You'll need to expain to some referee why you could be disputing the declare, they will have got to see your personal back up information and facts, logs, letters, the like......... Then they will determine who is responsible for right and make a judgement. Hope it travels well for you tell us. Please tell how it turns out I may have got to ask for a good hearing so please contact us what happens. Tend not to go alone Should you not know your rights! you do not have any! me so we can modification that *** Leave me a message Job hunters social group in San Jose? We are interested in beginning or joining a particular already existing network of folks here in San Jose which were seeking employment. I envision a weekly celebration to share networking and recommendations among other people today currently between opportunities.: Have you seen... ... Meetup. com? There are lots of job hunting groups in your SJ area, nonetheless they are not especially active. More/better options can be appreciated. there are numerous VERY odd groups with my local meetup section..... like for Wicca, as well as Ferret lovers....... or possibly a group that is perfectly for "combatting the chickification of our society" (whatever dudes) WHAT'S THE MARKET INDUSTRY LIKE? I'm pondering moving to SF from year's end. What on earth is the job market like available on the market currently? what category? well, what do you really do? i'm inside food industry not to mention there's stuff however most rather weaker. i look on for almost any job and in my opinion its rather clear here. good lady luck. Don't do it California boasts jobless rate and San francisco bay area has the largest cost of living in the state (and in your country). I was unemployed most of not to mention I lost program how many contains are foreclosed or on short sale with my neighborhood.

The shit Really easy to implement go thru w/ EDD, could you help I have to have some serious guide here. I was let go from my past job last 12 ,. After several months of waiting and even appealing, the court finally reversed original EDD decision to help deny my maintain. Now I have another issue to help you deal w/ EDD. I'm going back to school fulltime for my MBA. A friend associated with mine had genuinely told me not to imply anything about going back to school for the claim forms given it would only delay my claim a little more forward. i chose to travel against his help. I'm in serious friggin trouble w/ your EDD now. Understand, the EDD girl I was actually talking to basiy 'implied' that i would not qualify for unemployment because I'm going to school full moment w/o any extra time to take up any jobs. WTF might be this? I am going back to school pertaining to my MBA because I haven't been able to identify a job at the best place. I have just about every god damn intention to look at a job every time and wherever it is available, but, until you do, I'll be throughout school. It's for a catch- trap. For everybody who is in school, do not be eligible. For everybody who is unemployed, EDD has training programs I can also go to 'train' average joe w/ new abilities. What kind connected with ignorant shit is certainly that? My MBA will worth a shit load well over whatever fucking traning they need. I'm frustrated along with am wondering if anyone proceeded to go thru the very same shit w/ typiy the EDD. If consequently, any advice can be appreciated. I'm getting federal funding and I'm wondering if which is going to affect my URINARY INCONTINENCE.

mining stocksany stock related to silver and gold right now is actually rocketing. i simply made my third purchase of SLV through three weeks. i am up % upon my first, and about % upon my second. long ways to go too. i've been fully invested wish i had more income to invest the past couple of months. the steepest decrease in commodities in history is about to experiencehell of an rebound. i understand! i have place every available dime i had for investing into precious metals right now. i will have a bit more come the innovative year. i 'm actually hoping prices hold down up to the point then. but i am not sure about the rest of the commodity basket. gold and silver decoupled from your commodity index inside a big way. i dont know about the other goods. is thereoryou have any eye on?

Haves and still have nots It will certainly not change because this can be a society, the culture in the american people. That they dont care, they have got no morals. They step on individuals to reach the main. Those at the very best, most of them will not get their by efforts, it was all at a silver platter. How would you expect President Bush to possess empathy for folks who have no job or no place to live? She has never struggled for his life. She has no concept, and he doesn't need to care. He'll almost certainly never have to bother with anything. But this can be american culture. Americans are giving immigrants to sneak straight into america and wreak havoc at work market. NO 1 protests, No 1 Cares, they are nice and comfortable and warm. These are not in fact. Everything will not recover, this country is actually headed towards a new rude awakening. A serious crash, and it does not be caused by simply some extreemist, it's going to be coming from inside of. Lunch hour is actually winding down You will be casing restaurants for any job you want besides ranting about stuff you understand nothing about. If you think maybe America is thus bad, return to your house country, where I'm sure everyone covers each other, nobody's way too rich or likewise poor, and women and men have perfect equality. What if He/She Just didn't come from an alternative country? I couldn't come from yet another country, but I believe that person in many points.

I wish to be an the rocks cream girl! I recently need someone to improve me a low priced cart! cheap or profitable? what's your target audience after? down-town corner? nighttime down-town? A-hiring you should go! How much are you willing to spend? EVERYBODY WANG CHUNGlotta consumers got killed yesterdayshiva's anon disaster wasfor your booksI have a feeling there are tons of carcasses I do not know why people always keep poking him using a stick.

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